In the days of yore, when a person wanted to gamble they had to go down to the betting house or a casino in order to gamble. No one was able to just stay at home and use their bet bonus codes to get a better deal, what you saw was what you got and the regulation was very different.

Nowadays, however, the gambling industry is booming. You don’t have to go to China, or the legendary New Orleans to get your thrills. We have computers to thank for that. Here is how computers forever changed the gambling industry.


Gambling is still illegal in some countries. With the internet connecting the world, an average bookmaker has to be well-versed in gambling laws pertaining to certain countries. The amounts that can circulate, the people that place friendly wagers, and the currency all have to be carefully regulated, and the regulations differ from place to place.

Every virtual casino and online bookmaker has to follow countless rules in order to accommodate their customers the best, as well as satisfying the requirements of the various world governments. Losing access to country means losing access to thousands of potential clients.

The Scale

Casinos and betting houses have regulars and tourists. Online bookies have thousands and thousands of clients. The competitive market has forced them to more accommodating in order to profit from the turnover. Many betting places now allow you to withdraw your winnings early, as well as bet in the last minute of the event. Many clients allow the bookmakers to increase the benefits to individual bettors, which, in turn, yields more clients.


With the internet browsers collecting our browser data, it becomes much easier for websites to advertise their services to those that are interested in this fine pastime. If, say, someone searched online for the best betting sites, they would find ads in the near future. These ads inform their prospective users of the odds and the benefits of signing up.

Mobile Gaming and Betting

Phones are now much more than that – they are a way to connect us to the rest of the world from almost anywhere in the world. They are tiny computers giving us access to the internet in all of its splendor. So, it’s not just that you don’t have to walk into an establishment to play a few hands or place a bet – you can do it while queuing in front of the bank.

While individual betting houses had to print out the information to you in order to give you the results, you can make sure there is no fibbing by looking up information online. You now have instant access to statistics of players and animals, as well as the best odds. The information of the world is on the palm of your hand.

Security and Payment

Online gambling has become a colossal operation. As such, there is a constant need for top quality security in terms of user data and payment processing. The transactions are much more transparent, and the user’s privacy is much more secure than it used to be.

Additionally, many bookmakers have started allowing their clients to use alternative methods of payment in order to place a bet. You can now even bet using BitCoin, which was virtually non-existent just over ten years ago!

How Computers Revolutionized Gambling

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