Whenever I like to pretend I’m a foreign gambler at a convention for kicks, I often utter a nonsensical phrase, like: “Hello. I Gabriel. I like play casino with a bonus from Cozino” (seriously, they offer great coupon codes, check them out). Now, while it is not for this reason that we have the wonderful conventions, they do let people unwind and allow the business owners come together and discuss business strategies, in addition to following the latest technological advancements, like VR and AR. So, the question that naturally follows is: which are some of the best casino events and conventions?

Betting on Sports Conference 2018

This is truly a huge event, with people coming from all corners of the earth to Grand Tower Bridge Hotel in London. It is the place to be if you want to do a bit of networking, because the conference will be teeming with networking events and parties at numerous bars.

There will be other events as well, like Affiliate FEST, and ESI London, which, for example, will feature more than 50 speakers addressing 400 attendees and dealing specifically with the issues of esports and betting on them. Discussions will be had during other events on the subject of the future of betting, along with new gambling regulations and how to deal with them. If you want to partake in this experience you’d better move fast, because it starts this September.

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)

The Expo will not discuss only esports, though there will be platforms and events dedicated to that. G2E is actually about bringing together everyone important from the gaming industry. Organized by the American Gaming Association, the convention deals with cashless gaming, advertising, security and the latest software used in the betting industry. There will be more than twenty-five thousand gaming professionals, and nine out of ten attendees will be there mostly for the buying process. In other words, attending this, especially if you have a stake in the gaming industry, is a must.

NAB Show

It was on the money this year, and there is no reason to think it wouldn’t be in 2019. This isn’t a betting convention, strictly speaking. NAB actually stands for National Association of Broadcasters. Since 1991, the show has been hosted inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, and has been the show concerning connected media, cable and satellite network, radio and TV – in other words, the works.

So why would casino owners and businessmen and women of the betting house industry attend such an event? There is a number of reasons: first of all, marketing. You can meet with media planners, publicists, PR managers, an online publishers that will make your company and brand stand out. Secondly, there is the digital section, where you can exchange ideas with vloggers, social media managers, and digital strategists on how to conquer the media of the 21st century. Last, but not least, you can get the marketing and the digital area in one small convenient package. That’s right, we are talking about the advancements in mobile technology, and utilizing the social media and inescapable ads to the fullest.

Is that It?

Far from it. Every year you can enjoy Cyprus Gaming Show Conference, iGaming Super Show, and Casino Marketing and Technology Conference, but the list goes on and on, with no discernable end. And why wouldn’t it? Annually we see the best of the best mingle, buy, sell and promote. All they need is you.

Best casino events and conventions in the world

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